Drupal 6.x attachment upload time

You can show upload time of attached files in nodes with changes Drupal codes in the Upload module.

File: modules/upload/upload.module
Function: theme_upload_attachements
See changes signed bold by yellow background. We should put there header title t('Post date') and into every row the $file->timestamp.
About the formatting of timestamp see the link here.

function theme_upload_attachments($files)
cca 344. row: $header = array(t('Attachment'), t('Post date'), t('Size'));
cca 351. row: $rows[] = array(l($text, $href), format_date($file->timestamp, 'short'), format_size($file->filesize));


The full function with DESC upload time ordering:

function theme_upload_attachments($files) {
$header = array(t('Attachment'), t('Post date'), t('Size'));
$rows = array(); $upt = array();
foreach ($files as $file) {
$file = (object)$file;
if ($file->list && empty($file->remove)) {
$href = file_create_url($file->filepath);
$text = $file->description ? $file->description : $file->filename;
$rows[] = array(l($text, $href), format_date($file->timestamp, 'short' ), format_size($file->filesize));
$upt[] = $file->timestamp;
if (count($rows)) {
array_multisort($upt, SORT_DESC, $rows); 
return theme('table', $header, $rows, array('id' => 'attachments'));